These are a series of posters which I created as a possible technique for graphic designers to make visuals out of ordinary, everyday materials. The material which I chose to experiment with was rice. I discovered that I was able to create a bioplastic from rice starch, glycerin, vinegar and gelatin.

The pliable, sticky, yet reasonably durable material allowed me to place light waste objects such as foil party decorations, fake hair extensions and netting used for packaging onions and garlic onto the sheet of bioplastic prior to heating it... creating interesting, abstract patterns onto it.

My next process would be taking pictures of the results, tweaking the colours, contrasts and tones of the images on Photoshop; resulting in very intriguing visuals that are rather psychedelic in terms of the look.

One aspect of working with food for material experimentation was the fact that it would decompose over time, hence this provided the inspiration for the theme 'Ephemerality', which is the concept of things not meaning to last a long time. There is a genre of art known as ephemeral art, which takes advantage of this aspect of decomposition.


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