I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and I came upon various news articles which mentioned that the Singaporean government back home had introduced a series of fake news laws that aroused a lot of controversy due to the perception that the measures were an abuse to the rights and personal freedoms of citizens online and inevitably I became enraged about this matter.

The said measures to tackle the problem of fake news spreading included the monitoring of the social media accounts of the citizens, filtering out content which allegedly would be considered to be a threat to upholding the social fabric of society. Anyone who is found guilty of doing so would be punished with a heavy fine or serve prison time without a proper trial.

I decided to do more research about this and to my surprise, turns out a handful of other countries around the world are introducing similar laws. I also discovered the reasons why such dystopian measures are necessary for the 'interests and safety of the general public'.

In conclusion, I became balanced regarding this issue as I found out these laws serve as a double-edged sword. Our rights to free speech may be compromised but wholly for the best of the public. Hence, this mini-installation serves as a conversation piece for the viewers to start engaging in talks about this controversial issue.


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