This is was a hybrid publication that I created for a term assessment last year, and the objective was to showcase how we managed to mature over the past year as designers and what ethics or attitudes we tend to uphold while carrying out our research.

I had previously been interested in the concept of tarot cards, although till this day I have never participated in a reading. I learnt that each card which is present in the deck features a representation of certain aspects of our lives. I managed to find more detailed descriptions of each card character and found that some handful characters do resonate with my characteristic working style; and hence I decided to illustrate myself in a similar manner according to my various work ethics as a graphic designer.

The publication altogether consisted of three frames with printed illustrations of myself on transparent film; each of them representing a tarot card character. These were accompanied with brief descriptions of the characters, how they relate to me as well as QR codes which can be scanned by the reader to access the digital, online component of the publication.


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