These are a series of riso-printed postcards which represent my home country of Singapore. I initially was bothered by the lack of variety in terms of themes for postcards which showcase my country; typical shots of tourist traps along with overused national icons tend to dominate the imagery you see on postcards.

For this project, I incorporated illustrations of the indigenous Malay supernatural folklore. Singaporeans are generally a superstitious lot, with the belief in otherworldly beings still being rather strong. I thought that this direction would showcase this interesting side to our culture which is not heard very often about.
A woman who has a curse imposed on her as a result of her abusing black magic is turned into a bloodthirsty creature by night. She detaches her head from the rest of her body, leaving her internal organs dangling underneath. She preys on pregnant women and babies, devouring them as they are her only source of food in that state.

A spirit of a deceased baby which is owned by a shaman, whose main purpose is to steal material possessions of others for his owner. Typically kept in a jar while he isn't going around looting, he must be fed the blood of his owner once a week, or he will bite his toe.

Hantu Tetek
A creature that takes form of a lady who has seemingly large, pendulous breasts. Parents of misbehaving children often tell stories of her as a warning to not come home late at night. She uses her breasts as a form of bait; hypnotising children who are amused by the sheer size of her bosom... only to suffocate them by it, never to be seen again.


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